11:00 AM - 9:00 PM



8:00 PM - 10:00 PM



900 AM - 2:30 PMPM



On the nights we have entertainment closing hours

will be extended

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Johnny’s On Main is proud to have FREE and family friendly entertainment options throughout the week. Below is our current line up.

Free Family Friendly
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Johnny's On Main is a Family Friendly Restaurant & Neighborhood Gathering Place. JOM was created out of Johnny and Mary's love of family, great food, and entertainment. Tired of driving to Raleigh and Wake Forest for a drink, and a meal, and no where is the area to have a lively debate and socialize with friends, they decided that the area was ready for an OUTSTANDING Public House type experience. A restaurant that sets itself apart by offering exceptional food not commonly found in “Mom & Pop” restaurants in our area. A place that you can meet friends have an delicious meal, a lively drink, and just socialize

While still looking for a building word got out pretty fast that we were putting together a plan to open a Restaurant / Bar. Mary and Johnny was at Food Lion and someone came up to them and said "Hey Johnny I heard your opening up a bar." Mary looked at Johnny and said "That's name. No matter what we name it everyone is still going to call it Johnny's." So the name was born. We added "On Main" to give a frame of reference as they believe that Franklinton's Downtown can be alive and thriving again and they are proud to be a part of the revitalization.


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